2021 Inspiring Knitting Resolutions

2021 Inspiring Knitting Resolutions

This is a new year, set up for new opportunities to start something new and perhaps finish other chapters of last year.

With the challenges that 2020 has brought up, we look for this new year as a symbolic way to move past all the challenges.

Fiber arts like knitting are still a great, therapeutic way to focus our mental energy on something creative and meditative.

Let’s look at this new year 2021 as a new way to feel together even though we are apart.


Here are a few Knitting Resolutions that ought to inspire you:


 It is all about getting creative with your knitting and improving your skills.

Feeling inspired to knit and improving on this amazing, relaxing, and fun skill.


We are willing to hear out some suggestions as well. What are YOUR Knitting Goals for this year?