5 Breezy Free Lace Knitting Instructions To Wrap Up This Summer

Oh, lovely Summer 2017. You inspire us to find a new take to hibernation.  5 Breezy Free Lace Knitting Instructions

At least in this part of the world (Texas), one has to have inventive ways to entertain one self without having to be outdoors. And while our friends in Australia are watching our videos to make cozy garments, we create to keep busy, inspired creative and entertained.


So here are some great patterns that are fresh, airy and easy to follow. Summer inspired lace knitting instructions for our friends all over the world.


1 –The Diagonal Mesh Stitch

An open and airy mesh stitch that is slanted. Perfect for projects like a shawl.

2- The Fishtail Lace Stitch

A beautiful, intricate pattern that is versatile and great for most projects.

This open pattern allows for nice ventilation. and its fin pattern reminds us of sea life (fish).

Experiment with different ocean colors and silver / golden tones that might remind you of fish.

3- The Diamond Lace Knit Stitch

A very fun geometric pattern rhombus (diamond) shapes on it that give it a fun, modern texture. Quite an ideal pattern for home decor projects or for garments like a small vest.

4- The Knitted Broomstick Lace Stitch

This is a super fun and unique pattern. Because of its pillar like shape, it is ideal for projects like pillow cases, decorative curtains, and similar home decor projects.

5- The Star Lace Stitch

This is a great criss-cross intricate pattern with great texture. One of our most popular stitch patterns. Have fun with it a share your project photos with us.

Hope you enjoy this feature. Please remember to share your progress, comments, and ideas with us on our social media. You’ll find the social icons on the top right corner of this website.