5 Spring Shawls You Must Knit Today

Spring is alive and well for many of us. Whilst others are still having snow storms…brr…

But the best way to transition into this erratic weather is with a flare, so why not showcase your style with a handy and beautiful Spring Shawl?

Use it as a scarf, as a shoulder cover, or sometimes even for lounging or as a bathing suit cover.

Shawls are not only practical, they can accommodate intricate or simple knitting stitch patterns that perhaps you’ve been dying to work with.

Here are some lovely Spring Shawl Ideas to inspire your next project:

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The Feather and Fan Shawl Feather and Fan Knitted Shawl Instructions

This is a simple yet elegant design made with the Classic Feather and Fan Knitting Stitch pattern.

In this project, Joanne used a stunning shimmering cake yarn but you can choose your favorite colors. Verigated yarn seems to fit the design very well.

You can find the pattern HERE.

If you want to try the stitch pattern on its own, here’s our video tutorial for it.

And we also have a Feather and Fan Shrug Tutorial HERE.


spring shawl: expression fibers Beginner Summer Lace Shawl w/ a Unique Technique!

A great project featured on the Expression Fiber Arts channel on YouTube.

This lovely beginner-level shawl features areas of two yarns knit together and areas where there is only one yarn strand. It also switches needles sizes.

So it is a great project to make for someone who has knitted a few pieces and is comfortable with knits, purls, and yarn-overs.

It is airy and lovely all together, so it really is a warmer weather kind of project.


The Butterfly Shawl Butterfly Stitch Knitting Shawl

This project was designed by us, the super mother/daughter team. Joanne and Ana. I imagined having a shawl with one of my favorite patterns the Big Butterfly Stitch Knitting Pattern, and Joanne came to my rescue, because I had a hard time fitting and lining up the butterfly features.

Well, after a couple of months of working on this pattern I finally released it in the Spring of 2021 and was one of my favorite projects to make so far.

Once you understand the repetitions and the edge yarn -overs this project is a breeze. I would categorize it as an advanced beginner as well.

You can also find the Big Butterfly Stitch pattern on its own HERE.

As well as other butterfly-themed stitch pattern tutorials HERE.


Read Heart Yarn Colorful Geometric Shawl

Red Heart Small Shapes Shawl

This colorful, geometric shawl is a great compliment to your Spring season attire and a fabulous project to make for an intermediate-level knitter.

Got to love the squared edge feature for this pattern. It makes the whole shawl an interesting garment.

Make it with Red Heart’s signature It’s a Wrap Rainbow yarn or any similar yarn cake with similar thickness.


The Snow Blossom Shawl by Suzanne

is a lovely two-color Brioche shawl, perfect for the weather transition from Winter to Spring.

Made with back and forth rows and slip stitches, this project is considered to best be suited for a more advanced knitter. Snow Blossom Knit Shawl Pattern

Brioche stitches create a reversible garment, so choosing the colors is part of the fun!


So there you have it, lovelies. Some great Spring Shawl ideas to make from beginner to intermediate level. Easy to follow, simple repetitions, and interesting detail.

Which one would you try today?

By the way, we have plenty more shawls and shrugs in our store, posted here on the blog and as video tutorials on our YouTube channel, so feel free to check those out.