5 Totally Underrated Knitting Patterns

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During our live chats ( Wednesdays at noon US Central on Youtube) we often get asked if we know of interesting knitting patterns. Some that could be unique or interesting to make.

And of course, I always have some in mind. And oddly enough, because these patterns can be named pretty much in any fashion by anyone, it’s hard to get enough traffic on them on YouTube.

To me, this glitch makes them the most underrated knitted patterns out there and I think they deserve more attention, so I decided to write a blog post about them.

So here are 5 Totally Underrated Knitting Patterns on our YouTube Channel:

The Wild Orchid Stitch

The name of this stitch was given by one of our dear friends and top fans. Since it’s a stitch we had found but there was no source and we translated it from a chart, we decided to call it Wild Orchids Knitting Pattern. It is beautiful, intricate and we can tell you: will probably not find any other info (aside from a chart in Russian) about it online.


The French Fans

If you’re looking for fancy, elegant, and one of a kind, then the French Fans Knitting Pattern is exactly what you’re looking for. Perfect for seasoned hands that are looking for a challenge and are ready to exercise their creative skills. The fans feature a series of purls and yarn overs along with pausing knits.


The 3D Puffy Stitch

This 3D Knitting Stitch Pattern is quite amazing but you would have to see for yourself. The 3D fabric can really just be appreciated in real life. It’s quite fun to make as it requires needles of two totally different sizes (one big and one small) and the end result is this stunning lace-like fabric with multidimensionality.


The Lace Spikes

These lace spikes feature a series of alternated pointy leaves with yarn-over motifs. It’s is simply exquisite and beautiful. Quite feminine and perfect for any blouse, sweater, or even just as embellishment for the edges of a dress.


The Wavy Diamonds

The Wavy Diamonds knitting pattern is your classic geometric pattern but with a unique offset repetition of inlaid diamonds that are larger than usual.

This pattern is excellent for throw pillows, blankets, or even a very interesting coat.


So now that you’ve seen all of these beautiful patterns, what will you make with them?

Let us know!


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