Learn How To Knit: Quick and Easy Cast-On Knitting | How To Cast On

How To Cast On: The Quick and Easy Way to Cast-On Knitting Stitches Unto Your Needle

This is a very simple way to cast-on your first stitches of your yarn, the very first step you need to make to start knitting. We have 2 different methods here, of which the Butterfly Method is the quickest one you learn it.


Butterfly Method


Basic Knitting Cast On

The trick with learning to cast on is to let your hands become accustomed to holding the needles and the yarn at the same time. With practice, it will become much easier to regulate the tension and casting on will be second nature.

After learning to cast on, you can now proceed to learn the Knit Stitch. Here’s a playlist of our Knitting Basic tutorials. You can watch it here or subscribe to our channel to get all the updates when we upload new videos:

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