i Cord Knitting: Easy I Cord Knitting Tutorials

The knitted i Cord is a very create way to add trim or volume to your knitting project and a creative stitch to use i cord knitting tutorials for other projects like braids, embellishment, etc.

In we feature three video tutorials that show you how to:

  • Knit and i Cord

  • i Cord cast-on

  • How to make a thicker i Cord

  • Finger knitting an i Cord

  • Creating i Cord Braids (2 versions)

////// Tutorials

I Cord Knitting Cast On

Pretty explanatory. This is how you would knit an i Cord before you start your knitting project, as an edge or trim.

Knitting The I Cord and I Cord Trim

This is one of our first videos. So back then I had no clue about knitting and actually reversed the titles of the videos, but you’ll notice that yourself ­čśë

By the way, as you can see, knitting an i cord is quite easy. We have other ways to knit it without a double pointed needle, so follow along, please.


Thick I Cord

This is a four stitch i cord knitted with single point needles. You pretty much follow this technique and add or subtract a stitch depending how thick your want the i cord.

Finger Knit I Cord

This is a super easy way to make a loose i cord with your fingers. This is a specially fun project for kids, though quite enjoyable to any age. Once you’ve knitted and i cord with your hand you can use them as trim, to layer necklaces, a streamers, garlands, for braids, etc.

These following videos are about making braids with already knitted i cords. Just a couple of examples of what your can do with them:


I Cords are also a great way to add diagonals or darts to your project. There are so many great uses for them. If you come up with more ideas, please let us know we’d be curios to see them!

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