Crochet Cross-Stitch Scarf with Knitcrate

A beautiful crochet scarf project made with our Knitcrate subscription yarn

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The month of March has been in full swing. Where has it gone??

For this month’s Knitcrate yarn subscription we got a gorgeous Knitologie yarn skein with awesome and interesting instructions.

The Knitologie Sheen is a yarn with an interesting color combination: yellow, dark cobalt blue and grey. It’s is simply unique and stunning.

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(not really sure if both codes are applicable, but let me get back on that).

We created a project tutorial for this yarn: The Cross-Stitch Crochet Scarf, which is a very nicely textured stitch pattern and a simple, yet elegant project to make.

Here are the materials and instructions:

Crochet Crossed Stitch Scarf with Knitcrate

This is fingering yarn and the skein has 400 yards.

Use a G hook.

The gauge is 6” for 28 stitches.

dc=double crochet

Repeat from * to *

Make 29 chains.

On the second from the hook, start making 1 row of single crochet=28

Stitch made on each row:

Chain 2, double crochet on the next stitch, 

*Skip 1, dc on the next and through the back of that dc, make a dc on the one you skipped*. 

Last 2: dc on the next 2 chains. 

Repeat this process for as long as you want your scarf to be.

Make sure you finish with 1 row of single crochet. 

Weave in the ends.

Here’s the full video tutorial:

They have many more project ideas: both included with membership, some available in their store and of course, some like ours are available online for free.

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