Crochet Flower Tutorial – Single & Double Crochet

This is a tutorial for a cute crochet flower. You can make it as tall of flat as you want.

It all depends on how long your chain is and how many petals you crochet.

Please pay close attention to :

  • 3 chains,
  • 3 double crochet
  • 3 chains and
  • slip stitch pattern as that’s what makes your petals.

You can also choose with side of the petals to use: the ‘smoother’ side or the ‘rougher’ side. As you can see, this video tutorial uses the rougher side and the demo flower uses the smoother.


Most people like to use these flowers as pins or decoration for headbands, sweaters, scarves and even jewelry like rings and pendants.

By adding a a few beads throughout or in the middle you can ‘dress-up’ your flower.

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Crochet Flower Tutorial
Crochet Flower Tutorial

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