Crochet Picot Edge

Crochet Picot Edge


A beautiful decorative crochet pattern. Very simple to make.

  • We are using Worsted Yarn (Yarn Bee, I love this yarn by Hobby Lobby) or you can get Worsted Yarn from Amazon, like Patton’s Classic Wool .
  • And a ‘G’ hook

You can pretty much use almost any kind of yarn or thread and hook that allows the pattern to have the right kind of tight stitch.

Here are a few ideas:

boneyard shawl

Nice PICOT decorative edge on this shawl.

Blanket and Washcloths

Nice Picot edge Baby Blanket and Washcloths by Churchemouse a Yarns and Teas on Ravelry



















This is part of our series of crochet edges playlist: Decorative edges on YouTube . Visit the link to view them.