Crochet Shell Hand-Warming Muff

We made another great project with our Knitcrate Yarn Subscription for the month of December.

This is a marvelous idea, 3 handy projects in one: A vintage-inspired hand-warming muff with an inside hidden pocket and a handy icord strap to use as a purse.

Such a great idea and so simple to make!

This yarn is a super unique color and interesting texture. We received it in our Knitcrate yarn subscription box for December. We get special yarn and instructions delivered to us every month. You can check them out HERE and get 20% off your first crate with the code Joanne20. (this is an affiliate link, so thanks for checking them out).

Follow along with the video tutorial and instructions below:

download instructions here: Shell Crochet Hand-Warming Muff with Hidden Pocket

Crochet Shell Muff With Hidden Pocket

                                            Knitcrate Yarn

Multiple of 6 plus 2

The muff finished measurements are 12.5 by 6.25 inches.

G Hook

DK yarn.  I used Vidalana by Knitcrate.

sc=single crochet

dc=double crochet

Repeat from * to *

Chain 56 (54 is multiple of 6, plus 2=56)

1.- sc in second chain from the hook, *skip 2, 5dc on the next chain, 

     skip 2, 1sc on the next chain*. Chain 1, turn.

2.- 3dc on that same first chain, *skip 2, 1sc on the next chain,

     skip 2, 5dc on the next chain*. End with skip 2 and 3dc on last chain, 

     chain 1and turn.

3.- 1sc in that same first chain, *skip 2, 5dc in next chain, 

     skip 2, 1sc on next chain*.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 for 25 inches.

Fold in half and sew or crochet the 2 thickness shut. 

Make an I cord to go around the neck and as long as you want the muff to be. 

I used a hidden bag inside the muff, and sewed the top sides of the muff,  

   to the bag.

Sew the I cord in place. 

Sew the tops sides of the muff to where the zipper starts and ends.