Double Sided Knitting – Knitting Two Colors Simultaneously

Wow, I just realized we don’t have an updated blog post on double-sided knitting, and this is our TOP YOUTUBE VIDEO TUTORIAL, at least at the time of writing this post.

We also just released another version of double-sided knitting but with ribbing, which makes a two-sided ribbed fabric or two-color stretchy project.


Well, the way you knit two colors in one project is by carrying the yarn back and forth so one color stays in the front (your main color, if you will) and the other color stays on the back. This created a stockinette look on both sides and a sort of ‘pocket’ that you can choose to leave open or closed.


Double knitting is used for knitting reversible or two-sided projects with two different colors OR as an alternative to round knitting because the end result is a round or circular project.

You can also design your own reversible or two-color projects by charting them with knitting chart software and crate beautiful projects of your own. Think of teams sports, flower themes, hearts, symbols, or whatever you want!

With Double-Sided Ribbing you can knit double-sided projects with ribbing, making them stretchy. It’s ideal for beanies, gloves or any kind of project you want to have a flexible or stretchy part on.

The Double-Sided Ribbing 

Done with a multiple of 4 stitches, plus 2. 

I advise you to do it on a multiple of 8 plus 2. 

It has to do with having complete 4 knits and 4 purls. 

Each side has a dominant color and that’s the yarn in the front of the work. 

The stitch is:

Knit 1, with both strands of yarn. 

The dominant color knits 2 and the back color knits 2. 

Then the dominant color purls 2 and the back color purls 2. 

You repeat knit 4, purl 4.

End with knit 1 with both strands.


Double-sided ribbing knittingWhen knitting two colors simultaneously, you do take a longer amount of time knitting a project, because you are pretty much knitting two in one. But it definitely makes a very fun way to create a unique project and it is quite easy to do once you get the hang of it.

Want to try a simple project with double-sided knitting? You can knit this Infinity Scarf.

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