Double Tweed Knit Stitch – Knitting Pattern

Double Tweed Knit Stitch


A very nice an cozy stitch. Perfect for a blanket, but as always, allow your imagination to run wild!

It allowed for a slightly thicker project. Super warm.tweed vest


Use Worsted Yarn and #9 Knitting Needles
Double Tweed Knit Stitch
Multiple of 2 +1
Knit under= Knit from the stitch below.
2 colors of yarn

Base Row.- (color 1) Knit the whole row.
Row 1.- (color 2)*K1, knit under*, end with k1.
Row 2.- (color 2) Knit the whole row.
Row 3.- (color 1)*K2, knit under*, end with k2.
Row 4.- (color 1) Knit the whole row.
Repeat these 4 rows until desired length.

Keep in mind, you often need to keep the edges straight by knitting with seed stitch with 4 stitches (you can follow this tip on our Prevent Rolling of Your Knits:


Recommended yarn:

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