Gift Ideas for Knitters and Crocheters – 2015 Holiday Edition

Gift Ideas for Knitters and Crocheters

Gift Ideas for Knitters and Crocheters


Hey there! Hope you are having a very lovely Holiday Season 2015!

We’ve been hanging out with many knitters and crocheters lately and we always get great questions and tip about the best tools to use for knitting and crochet. These are ‘weapons of mass creativity’ that are fool proof and very helpful, specially if you’re starting to learn or want to make interesting, intricate designs.

These tools make excellent gifts for your favorite knitter or crochet artist (could be yourself!).

Here is our list of top GIFT IDEAS FOR KNITTERS and CROCHETERS for this holiday season:


stitch markers

  • Help you keep the stitch in place so it doesn’t slip out.
  • Useful for both knitting and crochet.
  • Ideal for intricate patterns and to help increase and decrease stitches.

ring markers



  • These are used to put on the needles to mark a space as reference when following a pattern.



  • These are so awesome. It’s like having all size needles and cable needle lengths in one set of tools!Interchangable Needles
  • Depending on the brand, they include a variety of cord lengths and gauge needles sizes
  • Some brands like Knitters Pride have beautiful needles made of hood


These are a hit and found at a very reasonable price. They are usually a set of larger hooks and smaller (for lace projects) ones.

Crochet Hook Set





Blocking mats and pins are used for shaping your knitted of crochet project into a specific size. Usually by the use of blocking mats, pins and wires. We’ll be making a video on how to block your knits very soon.

blocking mat



OVERSIZED CROCHET HOOKS jumbo crochet hook

These are so much fun. Ideal for crochet with very chunky yarn or if you’re a beginner and want to get your first project done in a heartbeat.



These are just some ideas we have. We might write another blog entry with more ideas if time allows.

We are grateful to have you come visit and support our website and YouTube Channel . Please tell your friends about us! 🙂


-Joanne and Ana