Grateful Set From The Mindful Collection At Knitter’s Pride – Double Pointed Knitting Needle Set

We have partnered up with Knitter’s Pride to reveal their brand new Knitting Needle Set for their Mindful Collection: The Grateful Knitting Set.

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This lovely travel knitting set contains: Grateful Set Mindful Collection Knitter's Pride

  • 6 sets (4 needles each) of double-pointed knitting needles size US 0-3 (2-3.25mm)

  • 2 Daring Needles

  • 1 Needle Guage

  • 10 Locking Stitch Markers

  • 10 Split Stitch Markers

  • 10 Round Stitch Markers

The Set itself is a very lovely Floral Mandala motif, characteristic of the Mindful collection. You get the needle carry-on case and a small lovely pouch for the smaller tools.



Double-pointed knitting needles like the ones of this set can be used on a variety of projects, but mostly on round knittings (circular knitting) projects like socks, hats, bags, placemats, or they can be used to hold stitches in place while knitting cables or more complicated projects that require many knitting needles.

The variety of sizes included in the Grateful Set are the perfect sizes for most common projects that are not too chunky or too dainty (like lace).


Stitch markers are used when knitting in the round to mark when a new row ends and another one begins. You can also use them on more intricate patterns that require counting rows or marking design elements.

This Grateful set includes many types of stitch markers: Locking markers to hold a few stitches apart, round markers you can only move as you get to them, or split stitch markers you can use to hold a dropped stitch in place until you can fix it.

Some use stitch markers as a visual reminder when a pattern changes, to mark increases or decreases, or to add design elements to their knitting project.






We have become great fans of Knitter’s Pride as a brand.

We got our first set back in 2020 from our dear friends at Laurel Hill: a lovely father and son company that sells lovely fiber arts items like Crochet Hooks and Knitting needles.

They sent us many sets, including the Gratitude Set, the Explore Set, Mindful Collection Fixed Circulars, and we even got Knitting Blockers from them!

Here is our UNBOXING VIDEO for them. We are still in love with the whole collection and absolutely love everything new they release.

So we have created another video review of this newest, Grateful set for you to enjoy.

Hope you get to either gift or receive one of these sets. They are just lovely and very complete. You no longer need to be buying many separate needles when you have a set like this.

Watch our video feature here:

Double Pointed Knitting Needle Set

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