What are we up to? | Happy New Year 2017

Whoa, we’ve just had the BUSIEST season EVER!

(these are photos from our holidays)


We’ve brought you loads of new video tutorials on our channel, which is what we always strive to do, specially around the busiest knitting season!

You might have noticed a few new things:

  • Our new sponsored content

  • New channel look

  • The website still in progress

  • New instructions (email me if you’re not getting them)

  • New interactions and activity on our Facebook page

  • I (Ana) knitting and crocheting more

  • Baby featured a bit more

and many other updates.

For all of those who may not know us very well, we’re a mother and daughter team and we pretty much take care of EVERYTHING….no other employees.

So we’re always are very, very grateful for your patience and SUPPORT, as you, the viewers are helping us grow with your kind words, spreading the word and letting us know when things are going great and smoothly or when there’s a glitch somewhere.


And as we continue to make loads of updates and changes this year, we’ll let you know.

Hope to keep seeing you around!

Many hugs.

-Ana (and Joanne who’s taking care of the baby right now).