How To Knit A Cape – Capelet Knitting Tutorial Pattern Instructions

Learn How To Knit An Easy Short Row Capelet

There has been a surge in capelet knitting. Perhaps because of a certain very popular TV show featuring loads of lovely knitting garments (thank you, Outlander, for the inspiration).

With this technique, you only will learn how to knit a capelet of many lengths, but also learn knitting with short rows, which is quite and useful technique for knitting circular works, triangle shapes, or wedges. 

Short Row Capelet Knitting

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There are three versions how this capelet on our YouTube channel, but the classic is the Knitted Short Capelet – Knitting a Cape or Poncho which you can adapt to any yarn and matching knitting needles. 

For each version of this capelet we have different yarn and knitting needle suggestions.

I personally like using yarn with good weight, like Vanna’s Choice yarn ( grapefruit, silver blue and mustard are quite nice).

Knitting with cable needles is really the way to work. They allow you to turn around your work easier, not to mention that you won’t have any stitches slipping out on you.

Here are our three versions of the capelet: the classic (pink image above), The High Collar Capelet (top right image), and the Long Capelet.

If you’re totally new at knitting capes, I suggest you start with the classic. Once you’re hooked like many of us were, you can continue with the other versions.

Having a nice interchangeable needle set is also a great idea. We love our newest set from the Mindful Collection by Knitter’s Pride: The Gratitude Set has all the basic regular sizes and the Explore Set has many lace needles.


Knitting a Capelet is one of the best ways to learn how to knit short rows.

So now, here is the video tutorial for the Classic Capelet. Please click on this image to watch. Instructions below.

Knitting a Short Row Capelet Video Tutorial

  //// Instructions for The Knitted Capelet:


#4 (Worsted) yarn ( I used Yarn Bee Denim in Color).  A little thicker than most #4’s .

Red heart also has a nice one.

#10US​ (6mm.) Needles

Cast on 36 stitches (I used the Cable Cast On)

Knit 2 rows


Knit 12, turn and wrap, knit 12

Knit 24, turn and wrap, knit 24

Knit 36, knit them back

Repeat these 6 rows, 60 times

Bind off.

Weave in ends