How to Knit- Basic Knitting Video Tutorials

How to Knit- Basic Knitting Video Tutorials

Learning how to knit can be easy with clear, step-by-step video tutorials that start from the very basic level.

These are the very basic videos that will take from getting the first stitches unto your needle and start knitting.

When following the playlist, you’ll also learn how to correct some common knitting mistakes, learn how to add and decrease stitches, finish your projects How to Knit - Basic Knitting neatly and get you started on small FINISHED pieces like Fingerless Gloves, Beanie Hats and other basic projects.

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We’ve been getting some great compliments on our video tutorials, because anyone learning a new skill can really appreciate a clear, slow, and easy to understand video (even if the teacher has a bit of an accent).

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We’re also working on bringing you videos in other languages! (Working on Spanish).

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