Knitted and Crochet Tapestries

Use your Knitting and Crochet Skills to make these lovely wall hangings.

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Knitted and Crocheted Tapestries

One of the latest and strongest trends in Interior Design is Woven and Macrame Wall Hangings. Well, we decided we don’t need to learn two more crafts in order to make them.

Hi, Ana here…. If you don’t know me yet, I’m Joanne’s daughter and in charge of the digital content, editing, etc.

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram and have noticed this huge trend in home decor for Wall Hangings and Tapestries.

So while I have taken a class for weaving and I love it, it occurred to me we could definitely make a version of these with knitting and crochet!

Wall tapestries can be knitted or crocheted

Made an experiment last year, trying to make a knitted tapestry, but I didn’t realy likeiked how it looked. I think I needed to plan it better.

Testing and experimenting, I figured out that making a lace pattern with both techniques would be the best way to start.

PLUS I also really wanted to make something with one of my favorite yarn brands: Hoooked Zpagetti Yarn. A type of t-shirt or spaghetti yarn that is perfect for home decor projects. I really love their website and their Pinterest Boards, so go check them out.

Knitted Arrowhead Wall Tapestry

Let’s Start with the knitted piece: I made this piece with a size 10 mm knitting needles (US 15, UK 0) and using Hooked Zpagetti Yarn in Blue Razz

I casted-on 31 stitches and followed the Arrowhead Lace Knitting Pattern instructions we have on our video tutorial:

Knitted Arrowhead Lace Tapestry

Multiple of 10 +1

k=knit k2tog= Knit 2 stitches together

yo= yarn over

psso= Pass the passed stitch over the last one(s) made.

Repeat from * to *

Row 1.- K1 *(yo, slide 1, k1, psso) 2 times // k1, (k2tog, yo) 2 times, k1*

Row 2.- Purl.

Row 3.- K2 * yo, slide 1, k1, psso /// yo, slide 1, k2tog, psso //// yo, k2tog, yo, k3* //// At the end of this row, you knit only 2.

Row 4.- Purl.

Here’s the Arrowhead Lace Video Tutorial for the Knitted Wall Tapestry

Crochet Arcade Stitch Wall Tapestry

I made this wall hanging piece with a size 11.5 mm hook and Hoooked Zpagetti yarn in Powder Orange and followed along with the Arcade Stitch instructions. Now, I had tasted many ways to make this pattern but by far the more on-point was this: the Visual Sense version of it is by far the best.

Follow along with her Tutorial, she has images to go with it and it’s simple and easy.

Crochet Arrowhead Stitch Tapestry

These were super quick easy and fun to make. I really loves working with this yarn, but you can try out pretty much any kind of chunky yarn and even cord to make these.

Bernat Home Dec Has a nice line of t-shirt yarn to try out.

Here are my Amazon suggestions:

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