Knitting Braid Cable Pattern

Knitting Braid Cable Pattern

Learn How To Knit a Braid / Cable Pattern  (same thing) with this very easy video tutorial.

You’ll need:

  • Your favorite yarn
  • Needles that go with your type of yarn braid cable pattern
  • An extra needle

You can make your braid columns wider by increasing the amount of stitches on those columns. You’ll be able to see this alternative on our Scarf Turban video below. you can also create multiple braids by sectioning off more columns and using more extra needles or hooks.

Braids (cables) are a great way to give volume to your sweaters, dresses, booties, and beanie hats / headbands.

A great way to create some interesting jewelry as well.

We’ve found some really interesting handbags on Pinterest as well, using these awesome braids.

Here’s the video tutorial:


Knit Cable (Knitting Braids) 

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