Knitting: A Relaxing, Easy Craft During Quarantine

These are definitely interesting and stressful times for many of us.

Probably never seen by most of us, who are used to having all sorts of freedoms and choosing to do what we want with our free time.

So, you’re stuck at home, watching TV or reading or maybe cleaning a lot. Or perhaps not doing much.

What would be a great way to relax and divert your attention from all the news and negativity going around?


This is one of the most popular crafts that people are learning (yes, men too) nowadays during quarantine is knitting and it’s relatively easy to do. Here are some of the reasons why you must learn it today:

knitting for focus, relaxation and meditation
Knitting allows for focus, creativity, and meditation
  • There are TONS of free tutorials and resources online.
  • Some of those resources include FREE PATTERNS you can create yourself at home
  • You can always find yarn online
  • Knitting is super easy and you can start with very simple stitches and patterns
  • It’s been proven to help you relax and it’s considered to be a meditative practice
  • You can join many groups to ask questions and share your progress
  • Creativity flourishes and you start learning more and using different colors, pattern mixing, and thinking about making your own projects.
  • Keeps the mind busy and sharp
  • It helps manage pain
  • It’s helpful with managing depression as it’s distracting and helps you focus

An easy to learn, relaxing handcraft that helps with focus, exercise your brain and allows for creativity? I’d say that is a very complete way to spend your time during the quarantine. Knitting is simply the perfect way to keep busy.

Here is a good sequence to follow to start learning today:

  1. Knitting Cast-on
  2. Best needles and yarn to use for beginners
  3. Learn the two basics: knit and purl
  4. Stright (stockinette) stitch knitting ( you can start with a scarf, which is just a long piece of knitting fabric.
  5. Garter knitting project (can also be a scarf )
  6. Yarn over knitting basics
  7. Basic Knitting patterns
  8. Choose a Basic Knitting Pattern

Some of our favorite ways to teach and learn are:

Knitting helps you focus and your mind sharp

Ravelry is one of the top favorite spots to get new patterns both for free and for purchase. It’s also a great place to use as a virtual notebook of your progress, make notes, wishlists and join local and world-wide knitting groups. It’s amazing.

Knitting Paradise. Don’t be deceived by its 90’s look, it is quite a popular resource to have, especially if you like support from your knitting peers.

YouTube, we have one of the top Knitting and Crochet channels on YouTube and offer all of our video tutorials for free. You can start with the Knitting Basics with our START HERE playlist and then head to the Complete Projects playlist. But of course, there are many more knitters out there and e3very one of us has a different way of teaching.

If you are a bit more visual, you can find really interesting ways to learn via Pinterest. Check out our Basics Board.

You can also find ideas here in our blog and purchase unique patterns in our store.

So, what will you create next? Make sure you email us with questions and we’d be glad to get to you when possible.