Recycled Yarn Holders

So, we decided to attempt to make these super awesome recycled bottle yarn holders.

recycled yarn holders

Diagram and concept by Fljuida

Many of you have seen it, as it keeps getting re-pinned on our Pinterest Account.

These are ordinary water and soda bottles.

Now, please bare in mind, I made this first video as an experiment and now that I have better feel for the way more modern water and soda bottles are, I will be making a video sequel with a slight variation in design. A corresponding video tutorial will be uploaded to our YouTube account.

Here’s the first video:

As you can see, the piece is made by cutting out most of the body of the bottle except for one piece down the length and leaving the mouth piece and funnel area as the actual container and dispenser of yarn.

The end of the long piece is then wrapped around the arm or backrest of the chair and secured into the mouthpiece of the bottle.

Be patient, as I will be posting a newer diagram and design very soon.

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