Celebrating Earth Day – Recycled Plastic Yarn

Yarn made with Recycled Plastic Bags is a great way to celebrate Earth Day!

Recycled Plastic Yarn

In celebration we are doing our part to share with you some ideas.

Joanne as made some really cool projects, including a plastic tote bag using plastic yarn made from plastic bags ( yes, we know..we made another bag with the same bags, but this new bag is super stylish and will last forever).

Here is a video on HOW TO MAKE PLASTIC YARN (PLARN for knitting geeks like us):

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf1T3QC2ysg[/embedyt]

On the video we show you 2 methods to make Plastic Yarn.

Plastic Yarn Method #1 Plastic Yarn Method #2With links and with a single strip.






While we’re still working on bringing you some more finished project ideas, here are some form other knitters as inspiration:

recycled plastic yarn placemats

Recycled Yarn Crochet Placemats and Coasters

Recycled Plastic Yarn Tote Tutorial

Make Plarn & Crochet an Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

Feeling a bit more brave? How about a recycled Rug for your patio?

Plastic Yarn Rug

You can also start a more simple round pattern for an area rug.

Get your friends together, bring a bunch of plastic bags and have a Recycle Plastic Bag Part where you all can make something fun together, exchange different colors and create some great recycled projects. (of course do let us know what you come up with!)

There’s so many things you can make. We think a nice hat with a big wing would be nice for whenever you go to the beach or lake. Never mind if it gets wet 😉

Home decor projects like dream-catchers, wall hangings, baskets and more are a good idea to try. Simply get a free pattern (there are plenty on Pinterest and Ravelry) and try to see if it goes well with Plarn.