Simple and Easy Crochet Tie

Simple and Easy Crochet Tie

crochet tie video tutorial

A straightforward video tutorial on how to crochet a tie using single crochet. That’s what makes it so easy.

#3 acrylic yarn:
‘f’ crochet hook:

15 chains
single crochet on each one
(this is the ‘right side’ ) on the way back, go onto the third chain and single crochet through the back loop all the way to the end . On the last stitch do 2 single crochets.
Chain up up
Single crochet this row
This is how the pattern goes. On the ‘front side’ it where your will skip up to the third chain.
To make sure you knot where the ‘right side’ is, put a pin on it.



How to wear a crochet tie?

This is a great accessory to wear with a classic business shirt, but you can get really creative too and crochet them with very bright colors.

Scissors and Sage has a very cute knitted tie with Seed Stitch

Not to mention, how adorable are babies with ties?

Red Heart also has a slightly different crochet pattern. it is super cute and you don’t have to tie it like a regular tie.


Try different colors and stitches!

We have an amazing crochet stitch playlist you can choose from.

Simply follow the same pattern (skipping the first 2 chains on the right side and single crochet on the other side) and try other pattern ideas like the Crochet Shell Stitch or the Riptide Crochet Stitch.

Let us know how it works for you!

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