Summer Trellis Lace Stitch | Open and Fresh Knitting Pattern

Summer Trellis Lace Stitch

Summer Trellis Lace Stitch

A beautiful wavy pattern. Made with worsted yarn and 2 sizes bigger needles to give it a very open, airy feel.

The wavy pattern reminds us of the waves at the beach and this color is certainly very warm-weather-worthy.giant bag

Ideal for a Spring or Summer blouse or shawl or for a cool beach handbag.

Heck, why not make it a GIANT bag or a very open crochet blouse.crochet blouse



Summer Trellis Lace Stitch

Use 2 sizes larger needle than the yarn calls for.
Multiple of 2 (plus 2, one for each edge)
yo= yarn over
psso=pass (the passed as if to purl stitch) over the last one.
Repeat from * to *
This one row is repeated on both sides.

K1, *yo (around needle), pass next as if to purl, k1, psso* k1

////Summer Trellis Lace Stitch


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