Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn Review

ombre yarn review title We are so happy to share with you all our latest Red Heart Yarn collaboration!

The Super Saver Ombre is just the perfect yarn to review right now, as it’s ideal for the season and a lot of the projects we have in mind.

While working with this fabulous new material, we found out quite a few qualities we

Read Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn Review

Read Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn Review

really like about it:

  • SUPER EASY TO USE: this is one of the easiest yarns to use, even for beginning knitters or crocheters, as it’s not hairy or too slippery

  • GORGEOUS COLOR OPTIONS: the Ombre has a great selection of  12 stunning jewel tones that are great for any season

  • EASY TO CARE FOR: this yarn is 100% acrylic, making it 100% machine washable and dryable at home. We always recommend to flat dry over a towel any of your handmade items, though

  • SUBTLE COLOR CHAGE: the gradual shift in tone makes it specially helpful for projects that require length.

The whole entire line of Super Saver yarn from Red Heart is on top of our list, and what Joanne always recommends her students to use when they first start knitting as it is one of the easiest types of yarn to handle. Red Heart has a selection of project ideas you can download on their website like the following:

Cici's Ombre Super Scarf in Blue

Ombre Super Scarf

Napa Poncho

Napa Rib Collar Poncho

Lacy Isosceles Crochet Scarf

Lacy Isosceles Crochet Scarf


If you want some ideas, head to our OMBRE board on Pinterest and try to imagine your next project using this versatile yarn.

We are also posting a video soon how how to make an Ombre Drop Stitch Cowl really soon, so make sure you check our YouTube channel for updates, which you can get by subscribing and clicking on the little bell next to the subscribe button.

We encourage you to get started with any project, as the Ombre takes care of making it look interesting and unique. Whether you’re crocheting a baby blanket or making a knitted beanie hat, you will find this color changing yarn to become a regular on your top yarns to work with.

Red Heart Ombre Yarn photos

Please feel free to share with us your progress, ideas, questions and just to brag about your finished masterpiece! (find the social media icons on the top left of the screen).

And as always, THANK YOU Red Heart Yarn for another great collaboration. We love your products and working with your brand.