The Knitted Stitch- How to Start Knitting

The Knitted Stitch- How to Start Knitting

Knitting is in!

Both women and men are finding out about how resourceful, creative and fun knitting can be and how easy it is to learn how to knit!

With Joanne’s Knitting and Crochet video tutorials you’ll start on your path on learning the KNITTED STITCH: How to Cast-On, The Knitted Stitch and Purl, which are the basis to almost all knitting patterns!

This is one the first videos of Joanne’s  YouTube special series on Basic Knitting.
In this episode, we will show you how to learn the Knit Stitch, which is the second step after casting-on stitched unto your needles.

To start with casting on, please check out our other video link HERE: BASIC CAST-ON

To learn more about Knitting Basics, and how to start your knitting projects, check out this playlist:

We’re so happy to have such a huge response and interaction with our YouTube viewers!

Joanne has a very easy to understand teaching style and we’ve also been improving our video quality to bring you the most detail.

With our tutorials, you’ll learn knitting, crochet and how to combine these to design your own knitting garments and projects!

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