Three Stitch Lace | Tutorial

Knitting lace for a beginner can seem pretty intimidating. It’s intricate, flowy patterns seem difficult to master and easy to mess up. There’s no hiding a mistake with lace! But, knitting lace doesn’t have to be so scary. Follow along with this step-by-step tutorial for knitting three stitch lace, and you’ll leave with a confidence boost and a new stitch!

When I was a beginner knitter, I would see other crafters I followed on social media creating these beautiful lace-y shawls, baby bonnets and blankets and think I could never reach that status. They must have had private training or have taken classes, there’s no way they can learn that kind of knitting on their own. Flash forward a few months, and there I was, knitting a lace scarf and learning everything I knew about knitting and crochet online. From YouTube channels and blogs! You really can learn anything if you take the time!

Tips and suggestions

This stitch makes for a great scarf, cowl or blanket as it lays nice and flat, due to the extra spacing in between stitches. We’ve even seen it used on a pillow cover. We used larger needles than the yarn required to ensure a roomy and flowy outcome. Make sure to keep your tension consistent throughout your work so that your holes and stitches stay uniform.

Other Project Ideas

What’s neat about lace is that you can create alot of different projects with it. Take this tutorial for example, where we show you how to make a simple lace summer headband. You could follow the tutorial as is, or if you prefer, you could use the three lace stitch as well! If you’re feeling extra crafty, why not make one of each?!

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Instructions for Three Stitch Lace

This stitch is worked in multiples of 3 plus 2
Repeat from * to *
When you purl, do so loosely
Row 1- Purl
Row 2 – Knit 1, *Knit three stitches together without taking them off the left needle, yarn over, knit these 3 stitches together again and take them off the needle*

Ready for something a bit more advanced? Try this vest pattern tutorial!

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