Top Knitting and Crochet Trends for Spring 2019
Top Spring Knitting and Crochet Project Ideas

Been meaning to do a recap of this Spring’s hottest trends in fiber arts, specifically to enhance your Knitting and Crochet projects.

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We’ve assembled a list of great resources, inspiration, and ideas. So here we go:

pompoms tassels by decorator's notebook
By Decorator’s Notebook
  • Pompoms and tassels: these are great for decorating sandals, shawls, crochet vests, knitted swimsuits or home decor projects. To make it easier, you can use the Loome Tool and follow along with the Loome Party book, which is as fun as it looks. I just got mine and I’ve made a couple of friendship bracelets with tassels already.
  • Shawls that remind us of the Ocean: wavy ocean colors, open net shawls that can be worn as a scarf or around your waist. You can create your own shawl by following along with our Knitted Waves pattern or get an already made pattern like this:
Knitted and Crochet Wall Hangings
  • Mandala mats: these are an excellent project idea for this season. Something quick and easy to make and also make excellent gifts. You can find many designs on Pinterest.
mandala rug
  • Crochet Flowers: these are super quick and easy to make and are great for making wreaths, flower bouquets, hair broaches, and other great spring-inspired projects.

These are just a few simple ideas, but you can get many more by visiting our Spring Playlist and our Pinterest Board.