Top Knitting Trends for Winter 2014

Written by Ana Rodriguez Balp

Hi there friends!

Ana, here…just checking in and wanted to share with you some images and ideas we’ve found inspiring and trendy for this Winter 2014 for Knitting.

We have been looking at magazines, book, Pinterest, Facebook and many other places to get ideas for more videos.

So we came up with this cool blog post that we plan to turn into a series of featured videos on our YouTube channel (and this website of course).

Here are the Top 10 Knitting Trends for Winter 2014 by the Joanne’s Web team.

Boyfriends Swater



These are usually large, oversized sweaters that are cozy and a bit masculine.

Cardigans, or pull-overs fit the style and many can have intricate cable designs or be as simple as a button-down.

You can dress them up or down with great accessories.

Check out this awesome book we saw, where you can ‘copy’ your boyfriends sweater style and make your own!




This is a really popular trend. All kinds of designs and styles are popping up. One of our favorites

Chunky Slouchy Beanie y Olivia Kent

Chunky Slouchy Beanie y Olivia Kent:

is the chunky yarn slouchy beanie. Not only because it looks great, but because it’s super quick and easy to make (like anything made with chunky yarn).

Check out this super cool and classy

FREE PATTERN by Olivia Kent:



Faux Fur Knitting

Found on Pinterest:

From fussy fur to leather inserts and suede fringe. Faux fur customization in knitted pieces is all the rage on the runways now!

It’s one of our favorite ways to customize knits and we’re planning to make a video with some ideas really soon! So make sure to subscribe to our newsletter!




Random Cable Knitting

Found on Pinterest:

Cables. You know, the thicker lines that usually intersect with each other and really look more like ‘links’ or ‘vines’. In the word of Knitting are called cables, but let it not be confused with the term I-Cord knitting, which is just a type of trimming (mostly).

The latest cable knitting trend involves over-sized designs, random ‘artsy’ type non-patterns and pieces that are made up of a bunch of cables that simulate texture.

Check out our video tutorial for cables:

 and i-cord:



Knitted Turbans (as well as fabric ones) are ALL THE RAGE for the last 2 years or so. From complete hats to simple headbands, knitting a turban can be a quick and easy as well as stylish project to look into. Last year we made a video on a multi-purpose scarf/head turban. If you’re curious, check out the video here: HEAD TURBAN/SCARF. This is pretty much the same pattern as the cable scarf, but a bit longer to make it wrap around your head.

Turban Headband Headband Turban with Ring

Other cool scarves: these are some of the head scarves I’ve made as tests. The first one was so-so, so I’m keeping that for my running times, but the second one I have to admit is pretty awesome. I made them both with RED HEART REFLECTIVE YARN that we got from the brand to feature. We’ve made a couple of projects posted on our YouTube channel, so go check them out.




This is really cool. Switching yarns of different textures, changing big needles for smaller ones and just alternating patterns on a project can make your design stand out. What a better way to exercise that creative brain than to design your one of a kind project with a variety of yarns, needles and stitches?

Well, so there’s many other trends we’d like to talk about, and we will on another blog entry.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you and YOUR favorite knitting and crochet trends.

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