Worm or Roly Poly Knitting Stitch

Worm or Roly Poly Knitting Stitch

One of the cutest stitches out there! This is so much fun to make.

Also part of the intermediate to advanced video series (here’s our playlist)

roly poly knitting pattern or spring stitch


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Use the needles that the yarn calls for.
It needs to be a multiple of 4
Repeat from * to *
RS= right side
WS= wrong side

Cast on your stitches.
# rows as your base:
K 1row RS
P 1row WS
K 1 row RS
Row 1.- WS.- k1 for an edge, *k1 with 8 wraps around the 2 needles, k1, p2*.
end with a k1 with wraps, k1 and k1 for the edge.
Row 2.- RS.- Knit the whole row.
Repeat these 2 rows to the desired length.
End work with:
P 1row WS
K 1row RS
Bind off purl-wise.



A tutorial using this Roly Poly (aka Spring Stitch) Knitting Pattern

roly poly cuffs gloves